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Get discovered by early-stage investors

A match-making service that helps non-obvious founders find and meet investors
Non-obvious founder (n).
Pretty much any founder that doesn't fit the stereotypical Mark Zuck profile of a white, ramen-eating male with endless access to capital and connections who went to Harvard or Stanford. 
Y'all know what non-obvious means... stop playing 😂
Black. Latinx. LGBTQ+. Women. Asian. Indigenous.
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Why Join Fynd Beta

Increasing access to capital one swipe at a time

Connections without Borders

Investment has no locational limits, and neither should your matches. In this digital era, geo-based matches are a thing of the past. Fynd matches you with investors in your city or around the globe.


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Thoughtful matches with investors who "get it"

Finding investors who understand our struggle takes time and energy, that's why we've done the work for you. Our intentional match services get you seen & discovered by early-stage investors ready to make a difference.

Increased access to capital & life-changing connections

We got you through the door. Now it's up to you to close the deal. Fynd breaks down the barriers of entry that we as non-obvious founders often face when it comes to accessing capital.


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Our mission:

To increase access to capital one swipe at a time

When you put two people in the same space who may have never otherwise met, you not only increase the chance of connection, but the opportunity that the connection brings.

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