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Where non-obvious founders find and meet early-stage investors

Increasing access to capital one swipe at a time
Non-obvious founder (n).
Pretty much any founder that doesn't fit the stereotypical Mark Zuck profile of a white, ramen-eating male with endless access to capital and connections who went to Harvard or Stanford. 
Y'all know what non-obvious means... stop playing 😂
Black. Latinx. LGBTQ+. Women. Asian. Indigenous.
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How Fynd Beta works

Increasing access to capital one swipe at a time


Fill out the Typeform

Click the Join as Founder or Join as Investor button and fill out the Typeform to the best of your ability. This helps us collect key information that leads to accurate matches.

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Create a Winning Profile

In business, we know that nothing is handed to us. So, now it's time to do the work and sell yourself. Fynd gives both non-obvious founders and investors the opportunity to get in front of each other and build genuine connections.

  • Get noticed by top founders and investors
  • Show off accolades and accomplishments
  • Increase your chances of being funded

Get Matched

We got you through the door. Now it's up to you to close the deal. Fynd serves as an access point to break down the barrier of entry for non-obvious founders and investors. Our goal is to create a potential funding opportunity at every swipe.


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  • Get access to local and global matches
  • New funding opportunities at each swipe
  • Establish genuine connections

Our mission:

To increase access to capital one swipe at a time

When you put two people in the same space who may have never otherwise met, you not only increase the chance of connection, but the opportunity that the connection brings.

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Be among the pioneering founders and investors to get access to Fynd when we launch. Limited spots available.
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Join          Beta

Whether you're a non-obvious founder looking for capital or an early-stage investor looking for the next Facebook, get access to endless funding opportunities one swipe at a time